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At Watsonia Early Learning Centre, we take pride in providing a modern, warm and safe child care environment for your family. Discover more about our Nursery, Toddler, Pre Kinder, and Kindergarten rooms.



Pre Kinder



Our Nursery is a very special place at Watsonia Early Learning Centre. This homely room provides care for babies in a warm and loving environment.

We take the time to understand each child’s home routine such as sleep and bottle times and incorporate these into our programs to ensure a smooth transition from home to our care.

We also record and display all information relating to sleep, feeding, and toileting, so that parents can be accurately informed of their child’s routine for the day.


The Toddler Room provides all children with a stimulating learning environment that promotes curiosity, enthusiasm, independence, and developmental growth. Our Educators provide children with learning experiences to strengthen all areas of development, including well-being and communication.

Educators encourage children to initiate play with others, make positive choices and to begin to manage their own behavior through the use of communication skills.

Pre Kinder

We strive to create a warm, welcoming, and stimulating environment for all children in our Pre Kinder room.

Pre Kinder has a flexible routine that allows for children to engage in a range of learning experiences both indoors and outdoors. These experiences are specifically designed to meet and extend all children’s needs, interests, skills, and current knowledge.

Our Educators use both structured and unstructured play and learning experiences, incorporating intentional teaching, spontaneous play, and parent input, to strengthen and extend children’s development.


This program is play-based as we believe that children learn best this way. Through this program, children are exposed to and explore a range of structured and unstructured learning experiences that focus on social and emotional well-being, reading and writing skills, and the development of communication skills.

In the Kindergarten room, children are encouraged to be self-sufficient, resilient, and develop a positive sense of self. Social and problem-solving skills are considered an essential part of our Kindergarten program and children are taught to respect themselves and others in preparation for their transition into the school setting.

Little moments of play produce big moments of discovery

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